Multilingual Customer Service Outsourcing Made Easy

Are you a multinational company that is having trouble finding one outsourcing company to handle your customer service needs? Does the company you currently use offer more than just English speaking reps? Most call centers specialize in one or at most two languages. Those that try to provide more than one language have trouble finding native speakers. That is where we come in and be your one stop solution for all your customer service outsourcing needs.

Reps Direct offers multilingual agents in one central location so you don’t have to go headhunting around the world. Our office is based in Nicaragua and as a result, the timing and distance to the United States are a lot more convenient than outsourcing to Asia.
We are able to provide agents to suit your language needs for not only your North and South America customer but also European ones as well.

Reps Direct is unique in its approach to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). We provide full service reps that only work for your company. Being located in Central America, an untapped market with tremendous potential for your outsourcing needs, provides us with some great advantages over other BPOs. We make a point to find the best language talent available. Our biggest advantage is the number of expats that we employ from around the globe. Over half our of reps have spent extensive time in other countries before moving to Nicaragua. This not only ensures language quality, it also helps in knowing customs and personalities of different cultures. While you can learn a different language from classes the quality you receive by learning it in the native country is invaluable when providing customer service. We train our agents to appeal to clients in all locations, and with the comprehensive training and diversity, this benefits our clients throughout the globe.

If your multinational company wishes to tap into the emerging Latin American market, you can count on the Reps Direct agents to be your go to Spanish speaking call center. For those companies with customers located in Europe we already staff many reps that speak French, German, Italian and Dutch. Need help with South America we have many reps that speak Portuguese. If you need a language that is not listed it does not mean we can’t help you, it just means we haven’t been asked to find them. Reach out to us and let us know what you need help with.

The best part about our reps is that they will all know Spanish and English by default. Don’t worry if some of these other languages are a small part of your customer base. Those customers shouldn’t be ignored. Since we are a full service BPO we can do much more than just customer service. Our agents can also help you with any translation you may need for any of your services. You tell us what multilingual tasks are giving you problems and we can provide the solution.

If you are interested in speaking more about how we can help improve your current customer support solution please fill out this form or give us a call now at (702) 720-4655.